Jobless Insomniacs Motorcycle Club

The benignly-neglected online home of writer Desmond Warzel

Contact Me

You may contact me at the follow email address:


This is the email address I originally signed up for back during the mid-morning of the web some fifteen-to-eighteen years ago.  I should probably get a secondary address for communication from the reading public, but I can say with absolute metaphysical certitude that I would never remember to check it, and so I hope such a measure doesn’t become necessary.

As of right now, any sensible communication will probably get a relatively prompt response.  If this changes, this page will be appropriately updated.  Those wishing to reprint one of my stories may email the above address regardless.  (Those wishing to reprint one of my stories for free should first read the section entitled “Reprint inquiries” on the “Infrequently Asked Questions” page.)

Questions and comments of all kinds are welcome.  If you ask a sufficiently interesting question (and/or I manage to concoct a witty or clever answer), it might end up on the “Infrequently Asked Questions” page.  By submitting an interesting question, you consent to this.  It would be nice if your email had a useful subject line (something other than “hi”) so I don’t delete it.

There’s also Facebook.  Feel free to friend me.  Do your best to look like a real person, or, failing that, slip in a little note telling me how you know of me.  The link’s over to the right under “Social.”

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