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Late for dinner.

Suppose you discovered time travel. Obviously, level-headed individuals like us know what a bad idea it is to go messing around with pivotal historical events, so, once those reflexive notions have been entertained and rightly dismissed, what would you actually do with it? During a conversation on just this topic some years ago, I suggested I might go back and relive the fondly-recalled experiences of my youth: seeing favorite films

on the big screen, playing video games in an actual arcade, and, in particular, eating in sorely-missed restaurants that have long since closed their doors. My short story “I Only Time-Travel During School Hours” addresses exactly this idea, and if that premise doesn’t seem altogether loaded with dramatic possibility, all I can say is, travel back in time, see what you get.

The story appears in the new anthology The Trouble with Time Travel from Smoking Pen Press, edited by Catherine Valenti and Laurie Axinn Gienapp, taking its place alongside nineteen other time travel stories by Holly Schofield, Frank Roger, and a plethora of other talented writers. (NB: My story is a reprint, having originally appeared in Time Travel Tales, edited by Zach Chapman, in 2016. Read it in either place, if you like.)

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