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That’s 2.214 Gettysburg Addresses

It hasn’t been a banner year for story publications for me thus far; not in terms of absolute numbers, and certainly not in terms of word count.  My longest story was “Look for the Union Label” at two thousand words and change, and “Scorn Not the Least” weighed in at an even thousand.  (Info on both pieces can be found in previous blog posts.)

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel: two new publications to announce.

And they total six hundred and six words between them.

Nevertheless, every little bit counts.  So here we go.  “Human Wheels Spin Round and Round” appears in Tales from the Canyons of the Damned: No. 27, edited by Daniel Arthur Smith.  It’s a brief (506-word) look at self-driving cars, but there are several other nifty stories included for your reading pleasure.

Additionally, a drabble of mine (a drabble is a short story of exactly one hundred words) has just appeared online.  “Strung Out in Alientown,” a story of chocolate and poor self-control, is up at Martian: The Magazine of Science Fiction Drabbles.  This one appeared in a print magazine called The Drabbler in 2009, but plenty of time has passed and I’m happy to present it to a wider audience.

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