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Union Yes

Just out from Cloaked Press: Spring Into Scifi: 2018 Edition.

The lineup:

  • Date Night by Sandy Stuckless
  • The Portal by Anthony Engebretson
  • Look for the Union Label by Desmond Warzel
  • The Radium Room by Tony Conaway
  • Deepest Blue by Ewan R. Chapman
  • One Shot Kill by Mike Adamson
  • The Man Without a Planet by Myke Edwards
  • Invaders by Matthew McKiernan
  • Data Transfer by Nick Morrison
  • Hero’s End by John Haas
  • Eyes of the Lion by Nick Korolev
  • Steamed by Kate E. Lore
  • Future Sleuth by Larry Lefkowitz

Check out my piece, “Look for the Union Label,” wherein we explore the state of the android repair business in the mid-twenty-first century.  It’s an attempt at humor.  Successful?  The world will have to decide.  What am I actually making fun of in this story?  Unions? Robots? Broadway shows?  I’ve never been sure myself, but apparently it works.  There are two reviews on Amazon as of this post, and they seemed to like it.  Surely that’s good enough.

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