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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Radio gaga.

For you completists, the (relatively) recent release of Quickfic Anthology 2 from Digital qf2Fiction Publishing marks the first time that my 2009 story “On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy,” wherein a drive-time radio host deals with flying saucers over
Cleveland, sees actual physical print. (It’s out for the Kindle as well). Better yet, it appears alongside a plethora of other great stories by people like Deborah Walker, Alex Shvartsman, Pedro Iniguez, and numerous others.

[And yet, despite the fact that it goes against all the rules of intelligent shilling, I cannot mention that particular story without directing you to the audio version that aired on episode #340 of The Drabblecast (the sound file is at the bottom of the page). It’s a work of art.]