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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Physical comedy.

I got a package in the mail the other day, and what should I find inside except the newly-minted print edition of Funny Science Fiction from UFO Publishing.

Eagle-eyed and sharp-minded readers will recall that this anthology was released as an ebook back in August.  I’m reliably informed by the publisher that it’s done well enough to warrant a physical

I must say this pleases me.  Despite the fact that the particular story of mine that’s reprinted therein (must I even mention which one?) gained its original popularity by being widely shared via the web, and despite the fact that I owe ninety-nine percent of my tiny measure of notability to the viral nature of that story, I’ve never been able to shake the idea that stories etched on bound slivers of processed dead trees are somehow more satisfying.  It’s an irrational opinion–obviously tangibility rarely has any bearing on the quality of the story–but I hold it.

All of which is in the service of pointing out that if you were holding out for a paperback edition of Funny Science Fiction  (whether because you’re an obsessed Mike Resnick fan who simply must acquire every occurrence of his work in print, or because you’re a devotee of UFO Publishing and wish to own all of their fine products), the universal forces have aligned in your favor.

2015 in the books.

Stuff I read in 2015, presented without comment or apology.