Jobless Insomniacs Motorcycle Club

The benignly-neglected online home of writer Desmond Warzel

Attention all planets of the Solar Federation: We have assumed control.

This is the first substantive post of the new Jobless Insomniacs Motorcycle Club, which supersedes the original Livejournal version. Since I rarely blog–generally only when I have a recent or upcoming fiction publication to announce–it made more sense to incorporate that activity into a site like this, which allows me to have everything pertinent (bibliography, contact info, etc.) in one easily-accessible place. I can promise you that this site won’t be updated on anything approaching a daily basis (heaven knows there are plenty of writers who do blog every day, and they’re easy to find). In fact, barring unforeseen circumstances, even monthly updates are unlikely (though anything’s possible, and a string of good news in rapid succession isn’t unprecedented). And what is here will probably be more informative than entertaining; I can’t bring myself to expend my limited creativity on posts which I have no idea if anyone will ever read.

(Those of you who are, in fact, reading this, thank you very much; I appreciate your support. Sorry there isn’t more here.)

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